Submission Rules

Rules for submission of proposal summaries to the axes


The coordinators of the Sociolinguistics WG and the coordinators of the II EIGTS (II International Meeting of the ANPOLL Sociolinguistics Working Group) work axes invite the full members to submit a research proposal to the coordinators of one of the four work axes of the WG (cf. menu of each axis in the WG Sociolinguistics tab, to define to which the proposal is linked). The systematic of the activities will be as follows:

1. Submission of the proposal (abstract) until 30.09.2019;

2. Evaluation of the proposals by the coordinators of the axes and response on the selected works by 15.10.2019;

3. Submission of full texts for presentation and debate by 30.10.2019.

Each work proposal must contain the following information:

1. The title of the proposed work.

2. A summary of between 300 and 400 words, including: presentation of the theme, justification and relevance of research (central research problem), fundamental theoretical-methodological bases, general objectives, results, which articulation/contribution to the thematic axis.

3. From 3 to 5 keywords.


The submission process is done through the link:, on the website.


The intention is to maintain the procedure that has been adopted for some meetings of the WG: (i) the coordinators of the axes will select the works that can occupy the session scheduled for research presentation in each axis (until 15.10) and then will organize the session at its discretion; (ii) each research will have, in the sessions of the axes scheduled for November 28 or 29, with a maximum of 10 min of exposure, ensuring at least 10 minutes of discussion (in total, with 20 min); (iii) a version of the research (about 10 pages) will be previously submitted to the WG Coordination (until September 30th); (iv) the coordinators will nominate discussants (full members of the WG) for each presentation/research to the WG Coordination in advance (by October 20th).

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