08:00 to 08:20

Opening Session of the II International Meeting of the Sociolinguistics WG

Coordination: Marcia dos Santos Machado Vieira (UFRJ) and Marcos Luiz Wiedemer (UERJ)


08:20 to 09:30

Round Table - Sociolinguistic Research (Provisional Title)

Katie Drager (Universidade de Hawai'i de Mānoa - EUA)

Albert Rilliard (Université Paris 6 and 11, UFRJ)

Mediator: Claudia Brescancini (PUC/RS)

09:30 to 10:00

Dinah Callou Awards

DINAH CALLOU Awards for posters that stood out at I FIS

Danielle Kely Gomes (UFRJ) and Dinah Maria Isensee Callou (UFRJ)

10:00 to 10:50

Cultural activity

Viral Poetry

Book release

10:50 to 12:00

I FIS Experiment Panel

12h to 13:30


13h30 to 15:30

Discussion of papers Axis 1 - Variation and linguistic changes

15:40 to 17:40

Discussion of papers Axis 2 - Contact, variation and identity


08:00 to 10:00

Discussion of papers Axis 3 - Sociolinguistics and teaching

10:10 to 12:10

Discussion of papers Axis 4 - Theoretical and methodological questions

12:10 to 13:40


13:40 to 15:40

Meeting restricted to members of the Sociolinguistics WG

15:50 to 17:00

Language policies: linguistic varieties, transculturality, communication inside and outside Brazil


Thomas Daniel Finbow (USP)

Carla  Valeria de Souza Faria (Università Ca' Foscari/Venezia)


Mediator: Letícia Rebollo Couto (UFRJ)

17:10 to 18:00

Meeting restricted to WG members and new member candidates:

Reading and Approval of the Minutes of the II International Meeting of the Sociolinguistics WG / 2019.

Recognition of applications for postgraduate program members to join the WG

Closure of activities.

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