II International Meeting of the Sociolinguistics Working Group

November, 28 and 29, 2019

November 26-27, UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Dinah Callou Award

Dinah Callou Award

Dinah Callou Award


The International Forum on Sociolinguistics (FIS – Fórum Internacional em Sociolinguística), conceived by the management of the Workshop Group (WG) of Sociolinguistics of ANPOLL (National Association of Postgraduate and Research in Letters and Linguistics) in the biennium 2018-2020, aims to bring together researchers from the areas of Sociolinguistics and Geolinguistics of the national and international panorama, around an agenda of themes, problems, actions and propositions regarding observation, investigation, implementation of experimental or non-experimental/observational methodologies and computational methodologies, theoretical-scientific explanation and relation with teaching and/or other fields application or knowledge.

It is configured as a space for sharing/exchange of knowledges, experiences and research interests, as well as a space for reflection on new possibilities of forwarding the scientific work and on the policies of those who dedicate themselves to linguistic mappings in Brazil, focusing on phenomena of stability, variation and change. In order to do so, it is necessarily structured in sessions of conferences, mini-courses and forums of dialogue/proposal that contains the participation of researchers from national and international research institutions. These forums are organized based on the intention of promoting the dialogue between researchers who are members of the Sociolinguistic WG with different working axes, as well as those with researchers who are members of other ANPOLL WGs. In general terms, the FIS is a space of work in favor of the constant improvement of the Brazilian Sociolinguistics with the national and international scientific make and the construction of the protagonism of Brazilian Sociolinguistics in the scientific world and society in general. This space also counts with poster sessions, in which undergraduate students linked to Scientific Initiation Programs and postgraduate students have the opportunity to reveal the wealth of (geo-)sociolinguistic research that is promoted because of the dedication of members of the Sociolinguistic WG and members of other ANPOLL WG in the scope of the Brazilian Post-Graduation.

Great minds come together here!







International Speakers


University of Hawai´i at Mānoa, (EUA)

She has been developping researches that examine the relationship between sounds and social meanings; she has been investigating, especially, how expectations about a speaker may influence how listeners interpret the sounds they produce. Her research relies on experimental methods to deal with phonetics, lexical access and social significance.


DRAGER, Katie. Experimental Research Methods in Sociolinguistics. London: Bloomsbury, 2018.

DRAGER, Katie. Linguistic Variation, Identity Construction and Cognition. Berlin: Language Science Press, 2015.


Laboratoire d'Informatique pour la Mécanique et les Sciences de l'Ingénieur -  Universidades Paris-6 e Paris-11 - França / UFRJ (Prof. Visitante)

Albert Rilliard is a CNRS researcher at LIMSI (Orsay, France) and visiting professor at Rio de Janeiro Federal University (UFRJ, Brazil). He teaches phonetics and experimental data processing. His research interests are centered on variation in prosody, across languages and communication situations. Possibilities of communication mismatch across cultures, and the reasons rooting such problematic encounters are at the core of his questioning. He also works on the prosodic variation across Romance languages, applying objective metrics to help the measurement of observed differences, comparing with perception of spoken varieties – and the representation of dialects in different populations.


RILLIARD, Albert; D, ALESSANDRO, Christophe; EVRARD, Marc. Paradigmatic variation of vowels in expressive speech: Acoustic description and dimensional analysis. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, v. 143, p. 109-122, 2018.

MORAES, João Antônio de; RILLIARD, Albert. Describing the intonation of speech acts in Brazilian Portuguese: Methodological aspects. In: FELDHAUSEN, Ingo; FLIESSBACH, Jan; DEL MAR VANRELL, Maria. (Org.). Methods in prosody: A Romance language perspective. 1ed.Berlin: Language Science Press, v. 6, p. 229-262, 2018.

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